Featured Publications

Yian Zhang*, Alex Warstadt*, Haau-Sing Li, and Samuel R. Bowman
When Do You Need Billions of Words of Pretraining Data? [code]
Proceedings of ACL, 2021

Yian Zhang
Latent Tree Learning with Ordered Neurons: What Parses Does It Produce? [code]
Proceedings of EMNLP Workshop BlackboxNLP, 2020

Alex Warstadt, Yian Zhang, Haau-Sing Li, Haokun Liu, and Samuel R. Bowman
Learning Which Features Matter: RoBERTa Acquires a Preference for Linguistic Generalizations (Eventually) [code]
Proceedings of EMNLP, 2020

Yian Zhang, Yinmiao Li, Daniel Chin, and Gus Xia
Adaptive Multimodal Music Learning via Interactive-haptic Instrument
Proceedings of NIME, 2019

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Blog Posts

Yian Zhang, Haokun Liu, Haau-Sing Li, Alex Warstadt, Samuel R. Bowman
The MiniBERTas: Testing what RoBERTa learns with varying amounts of pretraining
CILVR Blog, 2020


Teaching Assistant, CS224n: Natural Language Processing with Deep Learning, winter 2022


Volunteer, NIME: Conference of New Interfaces for Musical Expression, 2021